Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome to Penang, Malaysia - Serial 207

Much of its charm also lies in its famous golden beaches and

calm warm seas....

They are linked by the Penang Bridge...and across channel ferry servicve.

Penang. The Pearl of the Orient;

lies off the northwestern cost of Peninsular Malaysia. The state c0mprises the island of Penang covering an area of about 285 km. and a narrow strip of approximately 760 on the mainland known as Seberang Perai (Province Wellesley), which is separated by a channel 3 km wide at the closet point. They are linked by the Penang Bridge and across-channel ferry service. Its population of more than one millioan represents a happy mix of the major races found in Malaysia, with the Malays making up 59%, the Chinese 32% and the Indians 7% .

George Town. At the northern tip of the Island is the seat of administration and is also the commercial hub of the combines the best of the east and west as seen in its fine old buildings, each bearing the stamp of different foreign influences in its colourful history. Much of its charm also lies in its famous golden beaches and calm warm seas. Penang today is a resort island in full boom - an idyllic playground for worshippers of the sun and sea. Its multiracial population contributes to a wealth of cultural attractions and festive celebrations for visitors to witness anf enjoy.



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