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This is where effective management begins. When you manage yourself well, you are in a better position to achieve through others. There are three essentials to Managing Yourself:

a. Know yourself. As a Manager, it helps to understand how you “tick” and are perceived.

b. Be clear about your objectives and address the right priorities.

c. Make sure that your personal organization is efficient.

In a nutshell, you need to understand yourself, manage effectively
and manage efficiently.

Understand yourself.

By knowing your strengths, you can identify the areas in which you are likely to be able to make the best contribution. You need to understand your weaknesses and limitations (we all have them!) to be able to work at changing your behaviour and/or enlist the help of others in these areas.
It is also important to know what drives your behaviour so that you are better able to control how you react in certain situations.

As a Manager, you need both physical and mental stamina in order to get results and make the difficult decisions that management requires. All of us have our own warning signs when we have pushing ourselves too hard. Be able to recognize your own personal symptoms and stress and learn what you need to do to remain effective and in control.
Self-awareness usually increases with age and maturity but, if you can’t wait that long, there are things that you can be doing.

Evaluate yourself.

From time to time, review your own performance and list your strengths and weaknesses. Write down what motivates you, your talents and abilities and what you are going to do to develop yourself. Self-evaluation will allow you to play to your strengths and help you to get what you want from your job.

Seek feedback from others.

Asking about yourself can be as boring to others as talking about yourself, but now and again check out other people’s perception of you. Ask your team, your boss and other Managers how specific things have gone or could have been handled better, probe further on a few aspects and you’ll get feedback on yourself.

Manage effectively.

Effective management depends on doing the right things.

As a Manager you have a lot of discretion on how to tackle your job. You always need to be thinking very carefully about what is involved and what you should be doing. Your top priority should be to know where to concentrate your time and effort to best effect.

From time to time, step back and review how you are managing. Whatever your particular situation, it is always useful to ask yourself the following:

a. Understand Yourself.

* Evaluate yourself
* Seek feedback from others.

b. Manage Effectively.

* Be clear about what you are expected to achieve.
* Get the right balance between doing and managing.
* Get the right emphasis between your management

c. Manage Efficiently.

· Manage time.
· Manage paper.
· Manage to remember.
· Manage your secretary

d. Delegate.

· Plan what to delegate
· Decide to whom to delegate.
· Delegate properly.


Be Yourself.

Manage in a style which comes naturally to you.
By all means try to project your best –but don’t
try to be something you’re not.
People will see through you.


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