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Visit Kelantan (Malaysia) - Blog Ser. 275

KELANTAN (Malaysia) Ser. 275

(The State Of Culture)


Kelantan’s history goes back to 2000 years ago when people from Asian mainland in the north, migrated southwards to the Malay Peninsular. Kelantan was part of the ancient kingdom of Langkasuka which now Southern Thailand.

During the 13th century Kelantan was one of the Malay Kingdoms paying tribute to the Sri Vijaya empire, which had established itself in Sumatera and Java for 500 years earlier and later gradually expended. Subsequently the state was under the influence of the kingdom of Ligor and in more recent times lay within sphere of influence of Thailand. Protection was then transferred to Britain, under a system where the state was ruled by its Sultan under British Advice.

It was in Kelantan at Pantai Dasar Sabak on December 7, 1941, that Japan started World War 11 in the East and began its march to Singapore. In 1948 Kelantan became part of the Federation of Malaya, Which in 1957 became an independent country, later (1963) to be enlarged into Malaysia with the entry Sabah and Sarawak.

Kelantan has been a most isolated state because of its position in the northern corner of the Country. It’s way of life not been diluted through excessive contact with foreign and colonial influences. Today Malay culture and customs have been preserved in all their richness, splendour and colour.


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