Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Visit Historic Melaka - Ser. 266

A Famosa Historical Complex with the replica of the Melaka Sultanate Palace on the top.

Legend has it that in the mid-15th century, a Chinese emperor sent his daughter,Hang Li Poh to Melaka to be married to the sultan. When she arrived with more than 500 ladiues-in-waiting, the sultan gave them 'the hill without a town" (Bukit China) and promised never to take the land away from them. To this day, Bukit Cina belongs to Melaka's Chinese community though there are also old Muslim graves on one side of the hill. Several of the Chinese graves there date back to the Ming Dynasty.

Another fascinating legend about Princess Hang Lo Poh is that the well that was built for her never seems to go dry. Today,it is a wishing well that still never dries up and it is rumoured that if a visitor throws a coin into it, he would return to Melaka time and time again.

Within the vicinity of the well is the Sam Po Kong Temple. This temple was dedicated to Admiral Cheng Ho when he visited Melaka in 1409. Apparently, Admiral Cheng Ho had sailed seven continents and according to some sources, was the Arabian prince, "Sinbad".

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